Loyal Build is Luxury, High end Lighting & Home Decor store. "Loyal Build" was launched in 2015 by a close-knit group of friends with the vision of innovating the shopping experience for finding a Lighting and Home Decor, that perfectly matches your style and Bring Change to Any Room in Your Home. Throughout the year, "Loyal build" has grown into a family of websites founded on the principle of adding value to everything we do. The company has evolved into one of the top internet retailers for lighting and home products. Our goal is to provide the highest overall value and shopping experience for our customers while providing the best customer service in the industry. We strive to blend different styles of products with the personal touch of outstanding customer service team and an information-rich web-page. Our company makes every effort to provide customer service so outstanding that you won't forget it. 

David T. - CEO of Loyal Build

When most people think of luxury they think or being able to enjoy the finer things of life. Luxury lighting brings the look and feeling of refinement to your life and home. But here are several things you should know about Luxury lighting.

First and foremost luxury lighting is all about quality. These lights are made using only the highest quality of materials regardless of what that material may be. However, the quality of the material is only the start. It is what is done with these High-Quality materials in the hands of skilled craftsmen who have a real vision of both beauty and functionality.



#1 Luxury Lighting Shop

You should expect to find eye-catching designs by leading lighting designers such as Louis Poulsen, Catellani and Smith, and Artemide. You won't find this type of High-Quality lighting in any of those big box stores, but rather will find it where you buy High-Quality products. Whether you are shopping for a luxury table lamp or pendant light you will find that the lighting fixtures themselves evoke a feeling of sophistication and timelessness found in any luxury item you purchase.


The people that

Made us possible

T. David

Co-Founder | Director

A. Anna

Sales Manager


Customer Service Manager

D. John

Co-Founder | E-Com Director