Copper Metallic Wire Dodecahedron - Style: 7790338


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Sterling Industries Copper Metallic Wire Dodecahedron
The human eye is irresistably drawn to visual irregularities. Our set of two Metallic Wire Dodecahedrons probably each accommodate 5 cubes, 2 vertices, 3 edges and 16 diagonals. Yet what's captivating about them is how their alternating thin and wide slats tease the mind, like a complex series of light-filled plantation shutters. Place them atop a stack of journals, near to today's crossword. Now Intriguing in Silver, Copper, and Gold.

Product Specifications:
Finish: Copper Leaf
Style: Traditional
Width(in.): 10.00
Length(in.): 10.00
Height(in.): 7.00
Model Number - 3138-256/S2
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