Vase Catalonia 16-Inch Glass Vase In Marsala - Style: 7986248


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Sterling Industries Vase Catalonia 16-Inch Glass Vase In Marsala
Antique crystal knobs, picture frames, bedposts, and elegantly contoured vases: All traditional methods for preserving the beauty of cherished pieces of neck jewelry. Introducing our stunning Vase Catalonia Decorative Vessel: A lustrous, free-form-inspired silhouette of rich Distressed Marsala-toned glass, whose slender neck is pre-adorned with a whimsically wrought thatch of finely plaited Gold metalwork. Brings sparkle, dramatic color and a bit of nostalgia to any design space.

Product Specifications:
Width(in.): 10.00
Length(in.): 5.00
Height(in.): 15.50
Model Number - 8468-072
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