Aged Copper Clock - Style: 7790042


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Sterling Industries Aged Copper Clock
Chronometers, pulleys, gears, weights. Pendulums, crystals, bells, springs. Oscillators, forks, hands, and chains. It's easy to forget that a clock is technology; yet even after centuries it's still not the main reason we mount one on our wall. Introducing our elegant and stately Aged Copper Wall Clock: With its handsome cursive-stamped face and a silhouette reminiscent of a time-worn antique hour sprocket, the Citadel evokes the classic appeal and inherent wonder of the Age of Progress. Distinctive Aged Copper finish.

Product Specifications:
Finish: Aged Copper
Style: Traditional
Width(in.): 10.00
Length(in.): 3.00
Height(in.): 10.00
Model Number - 8984-013